St. Augustine Preparatory School

Milwaukee, WI

The Situation:

When Augustin “Gus” Ramirez, President and CEO of Waukesha-based HUSCO International, decided to build a private school for underserved kids on the South Side of Milwaukee, KMI jumped at the opportunity to help make a difference. Today, the school serves over 500 students and features an Olympic-size swimming pool and its own health center.

The Solution:

KMI installed the precast elements, burnished block, and concrete block. The challenge here was the incredibly tight timeline. Crews had just 16 months to complete the job, which meant we had to work fast and, more importantly, smart. It takes a tremendous amount of pre-planning and coordination with the other trades to iron everything out upfront.

When the schedule is challenging, our experts at KMI pride themselves on working ahead and working smart to safely stay on schedule.