American Family Amphitheater

Milwaukee, WI

The Situation:

Set on the shore of Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee, the American Family Insurance Amphitheater recently completed a $51.3 million renovation, transforming the venue into a world-class music experience for fans and performers alike. KMI was hired as the masonry contractor for the renovation.

The Solution:

KMI installed the concrete block and a decorative material called burnished block. The surface of this material has been ground away to reveal the mix of sand, gravel and stone it’s made of.

Along with the usual logistical challenges of working in different areas of a large site, the majority of the project had to be completed in winter. The festival season on the Summerfest Grounds runs from June through September, and everything had to be finished and ready to rock well before opening day.

During winter construction, we build temporary enclosures and heat work areas to ensure that mortar and other materials—along with the crews—stay warm. Even though budgets and timelines are set, everything takes a little longer in winter, which is why experience, craftsmanship and attention to detail make all the difference.